How can I help someone else?

If someone approaches you to tell you about abuse that they have endured:

Listen to her

give her the space and time to tell you whatever she wants to tell you

Believe her

your task is to support, not be the judge of who is right and who is wrong

Allow her

to give you as much detail about the abuse as she would like to

Do not judge her

these are very complex situations and judgment does not help to solve them

Do not tell her what to do

be open to the fact that there are a number of possible outcomes to the situation

Refer her to this site

so that she can learn about the help available to her

Be there for her

If she wants to be able to contact you in an emergency and you are comfortable with this, agree with her and ask her what she would like you to do if you get a call from her in an emergency

Are you unsure whether your relationship is healthy? If so, take this abuse assessment to learn more.