(Noun) cour·​age | \ ˈkər-ij 

Strength in the face of fear, pain or grief

From the old word ‘ceur’ or ‘cor’, meaning ‘heart’ – the seat of feelings

Violence on the basis of gender (GBV) most commonly happens within the home, and is called Domestic Violence. The Warrior Project aims to address this by providing information and access to help.

The words ‘Domestic Violence’ refer to physical violence, and also to other aggressive or abusive behaviours that have the effect of repressing the safety, freedom and independence of the victim.

Domestic Violence incudes:

70% of Women experience Physical or Sexual Violence by an Intimate Partner at some point in their lives.

(WHO Report 2010 p5 – see Resources).

More than two thirds of all Women killed in Africa in 2017 were killed by intimate partners or family members.

(UN Report 2018 p 10 – see Resources).

Are you unsure whether your relationship is healthy? If so, take this abuse assessment to learn more.